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Voting Position

President Elect

Our Vice President/President-Elect role is the successor to the president; elected volunteer who will assist the president with his or her duties of managing the chapter
and assume the role of the chapter president if the president is unable to perform duties for any reason.

Vice President/President Elect

Voting or Non-Voting Position

VP or Director of Membership

Our VP or Director of Sponsorship is responsible for chapter-based marketing and public relations to increase awareness of both the chapter and the PMI brand within the territory. The Director of Sponsorship will develop and execute an integrated campaign to support sponsor acquisition, sponsor retention, event promotion, outreach activities, and other related activities in alignment with the chapter’s strategic objectives. These activities shall be performed per chapter bylaws, PMI policies, brand guidelines and global marketing strategy.

VP or Director of Membership

Voting Member

VP of Youth and Social Impact

Our Vice President/Director of Youth and Social Impact is a chapter volunteer who leads youth outreach activities for the local chapter to benefit from chapter member retention and growth, and create awareness about the usefulness of project management. This would be a leadership role for our chapter and part of the chapter board. They are serving as the link between the local PMI chapter and PMI global youth & social impact programs. The volunteer will focus on enabling youth (ages 5 to 35) and youth-focused communities through mentoring, building engaging relationships, and networking within the chapter's reach.

Vice President/Director Youth and Social Impact

Non-Voting Position

Youth and Social Impact Coordinator

Our Youth and Social Impact Coordinator will work with the VP of Youth and Social Impact to execute outreach and integration into our community. 

Youth and Social Impact Coordinator

Non-Voting Member

Military Liaison

Our Military Liason volunteer is responsible for serving as a liaison between the local PMI chapter board, members, and the local military installation or regional military membership geographically located within the chapter’s designated area. The Military Liaison is responsible for promoting the membership benefits of PMI and the chapter to the local members of the military installation or organization. The Military Liaison will act as a guide and bridge to military personnel interested in PMI for Q&A, membership benefits, certification support, networking and career connectivity. Expectations for this role are to engage in active outreach to their local military installation(s), veterans groups, and a resource for the local military population. Under the guidance of the local PMI Chapter Membership Role, this position will at a minimum track new military members and certifications achieved.

Military Liaison