Professional Development Units (PDUs) are credits needed for renewal of the PMP certification. Attending PMI Alaska Chapter events is an excellent way for credential holders to maintain their PMI certifications. One hour of instruction related to project management, project risk, project scheduling or program management equals 1 PDU.

PDU Reporting Overview

  • PMI Alaska Chapter will not submit or track PDUs for you. The only place to report PDU information is the PMI GOC website.
  • Enter them online regularly.
  • Keep all paperwork for classes, PDUs, etc.
  • Be prepared to be audited!
  • Do not wait until the 11th hour to submit your PDUs.

How to Report 1-2 PDUs

Chapter Meeting, Educational Presentation are each worth one PDU.

  • Navigate to the PMI GOC PDU Reporting web page (current URL is
  • Log in with your PMI GOC username and password (not your PMI Alaska chapter username and password). 
  • PDU Category: Select "Cat A: Registered Education Provider/PMI Component"
  • Activity Type: Select "Report a component 1-2 PDU Event"
  • Click [Next] 
  • Enter C001 for Component ID
  • Click [Search]
  • "C001 PMI Alaska Chapter" should be listed. 
  • Enter the Activity date (meeting date) and Activity title (Chapter meeting, etc.)
  • The remainder of the fields are optional
  • Click [Next] 
  • Enter the number of PDUs claimed
  • Click [Next] 
  • Confirm that all information is correct before clicking the check-box to accept the terms and conditions
  • Click [Submit]

A detailed “Certificate User Guide” is available at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading

How to Report 3+ PDUs

Review the “Certificate User Guide” at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading when you log-in to the CCR System.
If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact PMI Customer Care at
For questions about PMI Alaska Chapter PDUs, please contact.
Josiane Ballin, PMP
VP Education, PMIAK