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The Juneau Group will not be meeting for the summer. Our next meeting will be September 15, 2016.

Sander Schijvens will be presenting Clarizen Project Portfolio Management that Wostmann is using to manager their Portfolio.

April Juneau Group PMI Meeting 's topic: Agile Portfolio Planning Lifecycle using Kanban – Part  1 

Have you already been practicing Agile methods but wondering how you can take Agile and Lean methods to the Portfolio Level? Does your organization approve too many projects without understanding capacity? Do you ‘push’ and multi-task several projects at the same time using the same team members? We will be looking at the foundation of how Agile and Lean methods can be applied at the portfolio level.

The number one killer for organizational productivity is multitasking people on serveral projects and operational support at the same time. The issue isn't getting another project through the governance alignment gate to get it started. Rather, the direction should be how to guide the system to bring the appropriate stakeholders together to make the tough decisions for prioritity so the rest of the organization has clarity. We need to address the problems we are trying to solve for capacity and the best way for managing the portfolio across the organization for business value points planned and obtained versus tasks and activities that are assigned, completed, or undone with the availble resources.

The more projects, programs, portfolios that are being managed using the same finite resources the harder it is to see where the priorities are. The PMO doesn't prioritize; the executives prioritize and need to come together to make the tough decisions. The executives, and program managers are the ones that are asking for that one more item that needs to get done.  In managing the portfolio we are dealing with two types of requests: Strategic Projects (that come from the executive team); and the ongoing work management enhancements, support and minor modifications. The ongoing work management manages the smaller items and often derails the strategic projects. If teams need to do both then we need to design the patterns and practice that is to be consistent. We need to optimize the whole to obtain the better business value - not just the project methods, but the operational methods together.

There are 6 levels of planning in the Agile Portfolio Lifecycle:

  1. Strategic Planning

  2. Portfolio Planning

  3. Product Planning

  4. Release Planning

  5. Iteration Planning

  6. Daily Planning

Please joing us Thursday April 21 at noon for the webinar and discussion with the Juneau Group at the Alaska Office Building in room 115.


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