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BOARD POSITIONS to be filled, 2020-2021 term:

  • VP of Membership
  • VP of Volunteers
  • President - Elect
  • VP of Administration / Secretary
  • VP of Finance
  • VP of Professional Development

BOARD POSITIONS remaining in place for the 2020-2021 term:

  • VP of Communications
  • VP of Outreach
  • VP of Publicity
  • President
  • Past President
  • VP of Programs

VISIT VRMS TO APPLY!!  Go to > Find and Opportunity > Alaska Chapter

All six positions are posted to VRMS and will be available to applicants until SATURDAY, NOV 16, 2019. After applications phase ends reviews will take place. During the following couple of weeks members will have the opportunity to vote for candidates via a ballot process! Elected candidates will be announced by the Board to and welcomed to the community in the first week of December.

If you are (or if you know someone who is) interested in being part of our Outstanding Group of Leaders, this is your opportunity to select a position and apply!! PMIAK will be making some substantial upgrades to services and programs offered, and this election offers great opportunity for members to influence substantial change in the direction of the chapter!

NOTE: a ‘Vice-President’ or ‘Director’ role in the workplace is not a requirement to be a Leader (VP) at PMIAK Board.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT PMIAK ELECTIONS PROCESS PLEASE WRITE TO THE BOARD @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU!!