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Project Management for Social Good was promoted by PMIAK for the 1st time! Josiane Ballin, PMIAK (Project Management Institute Alaska Chapter) VP of Volunteers and PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation) Liaison coordinated the proejec to bring Paulo Camargo from PMISAC (Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter) Director of Outreach and PMIEF Liaison to teach “Skills for Life” and “Project Canvas” to Alaskan PM practitioners. Two 6-hour workshops were delivered to help practitioners acquire project management skills which could immediately applied to their work. It was a great opportunity for Anchorage and Juneau community partners to learn about project management in a fun, engaging and interactive manner, while working on a real project. In Juneau, the event happened on May 17th, at the Hickel Room at the Centennial Hall Convention Center. In Anchorage, the event took place at the Conference Rooms of the BP Exploration Building on May 18th – thank you BP for donating the space for the promotion of Project Management for Social Good in Alaska!! To deliver in Juneau, the support from Greg DuBois, PMIAK VP of Outreach was essential! Greg worked diligently with the Juneau PM group to make the evet happen and be successful. Approximately 40 participants attended the 2 (two) free events promoted by PMIAK.






  Josiane Ballin, Greg DuBois, and Paulo Camargo






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