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Dear PMIAK Members:

I hope your summer was a most excellent season.  I would like to briefly introduce myself, discuss some of my goals as VP of Outreach, and then elicit your help and suggestions! 

I am originally from Minnesota and moved to Alaska in 1983 mainly to find adventure and get work as a geologist.  I worked for the US Geological Survey for about 6 years and then in 1991 I began working as an environmental consultant working throughout Alaska, and I continue to work as such to the present day.  I was elected as the VP of Outreach and began my tenure in February 2017.  Its been a great experience so far. Meeting people from all over the US and even the world through PMI in such a short time span!  It’s truly a gift to participate in our organization.  My overarching mission as the VP of Outreach is to expand our connection to our members located throughout the State of Alaska.  In every nook and cranny; under every rock; inside every crevasse; at the top of every mountain; and along every river and waterway! 

I also have a more specific mission to increase our Alaska Chapter connections, which is to develop Chapter Branches.

What is a PMI Branch?  

A branch consists of a group of members that holds networking or professional  

development events, either at some distance from the main chapter location or having a 

unique focus. 

Advantages of a branch: 

  • They are relatively easy to set up 
  • They have a focus to provide networking and professional development 
  • They are branded as a branch of the Chapter 
  • They can share resources, thus providing economic advantages 

Disadvantages of a branch: 

  • They are not an independent group and must follow the direction of the chapter. 

We have begun talking to the Juneau group.  Juneau has had a group for many years lead primarily by Joyce Douglas.  She has been steadfast not only in Juneau but has presented at local, regional, national and international forums!  Way to represent!  Through Joyce we are also connecting with others in Juneau to start the journey towards a formal Branch. 

The key requirement for any Branch is there has to be at least 1 local Champion that wants to make a Branch go. Are you someone that is interested in starting a branch?  Maybe it’s in Fairbanks or the Matsu?  Maybe at one of our Military bases?  If you are interested, then please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please get in touch with any of the PMIAK board members. 

But wait…….there are other ways that we can connect with our other members throughout Alaska.  Below are some ideas and perhaps you would be interested in leading one of them or you may have another better idea? 

  1. Book Club:  Have you run or would you like to run a book club or do you have a Project Management type book you want to read and discuss with your fellow PMIAK buds? 
  2. Food Drive:  Other Chapters run food drives once or twice per year and if there is someone that would like to organize a PMIAK food drive in your locality or throughout Alaska, that would be awesome! What community could bring in the most food per capita?  Bring on the competition!
  3. Do you have an idea?  Are you willing to lead it?  Please suggest it and see if we can turn it into a local or Chapter-wide activity!

Thank you for your kind attention.  

Stay Informed!

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