Board Elections are now open! Make A Difference!

Five PMIAK Board positions are open for nominations.  If you are interested in applying for a Board position, please submit for your nomination in our VRMS site.  Due date for nominations is October 23, 2020!

*Click on the hyper link for each position to see full description and approximate time commitment.  VRMS Website:

Upcoming 2021 Board Positions with PMI AK:

VP of Communications: Chapter Vice President of Communications 2021/2022 VRMS ID#: 29150

vROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected or appointed Volunteer serves the chapter’s membership by providing timely and relevant information to the project management community at-large within the state of Alaska.  Manages and coordinates communication channels and provides website content.


VP of Outreach: Chapter Vice President of Outreach 2021/2022 VRMS ID#: 29154

vROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected or appointed Volunteer responsible for chapter Outreach to include University Academic, Military, Secondary and Elementary education and public outreach.  Builds bridges between the local chapter and community to help build sustainable partnerships.


VP of Publicity:  Chapter Vice President of Publicity 2021/2022 VMRS ID#: 29153

vROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected or appointed Volunteer responsible for chapter-based marketing and public relations to increase awareness of both the chapter and the PMI brand within the territory.  Develops and executes chapter-based marketing and manages public relations.


VP of ProgramsChapter Vice President of Programs 2021/2022 VRMS ID#: 29155

vROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected or appointed Volunteer responsible for the needs assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of programs that contribute to the achievement of the chapter’s Long-Term Strategy and sustainability.   Oversee, coordinate, and maintain monthly membership meetings.


VP of MembershipChapter Vice President of Membership 2020/2021 VRMS ID#: 29156

vROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected or appointed Volunteer responsible for recruitment and retention of membership to ensure continued growth of chapter. Review and analyze member satisfaction survey data and enhance membership benefits.

Invaluable opportunities await you:

ØCollaborate with a local and global network of peers.

ØShape the future of our organization and the profession

ØSharpen your skills in leadership, strategic thinking, diplomacy

ØBuild your business acumen skills

ØMake a difference in YOUR local PMI Chapter