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PMI Chapter Xchange Event

Ethics and regulations in Project Management

Ethics and regulations in project management are critical for ensuring integrity, accountability, and success in projects. Ethical conduct in project management involves adhering to a set of moral principles that guide decision-making and behavior. This includes honesty, transparency, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Project managers must avoid conflicts of interest, protect confidential information, and deliver on promises while maintaining professional standards.

Regulations in project management encompass the rules and guidelines set by governing bodies, professional organizations, and industry standards. These regulations ensure that projects comply with legal requirements, safety standards, and contractual obligations. Key regulatory frameworks include the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which outlines the expectations for project managers' behavior, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards like ISO 21500, which provides guidance on project management principles and processes.

Adhering to ethics and regulations helps build trust with stakeholders, mitigates risks, and enhances the reputation of both the project manager and the organization. It also ensures that projects are conducted in a manner that is socially responsible and sustainable. Ultimately, integrating ethical practices and regulatory compliance into project management leads to more effective and efficient project outcomes, fostering a culture of excellence and integrity.


Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion as we explore the critical question: What is the importance of ethics and regulations in project management?"

This is a #pmichapterXchange collaborative event of 32-way collaboration between the PMI Chapters of; Mumbai, Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Phoenix, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Gujarat, Lima Peru, Southern Alberta, Sao Paulo, Kenya, Ghana, Greece, Puget Sound, Poland, Alaska, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon, Luxembourg, Turkiye, PMI Jalisco, PMI Taipei; Madrid Spain; PMI Malaysia, PMI Vietnam and PMI MangoliaPMI Guayas and PMI Bajio, PMI Galicia.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of your experience or expertise in project management. We encourage you to join us for this exciting and informative discussion.

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